Amazing Invites By Eva

Your Kid's Big Moment:

Picture the delight on your child’s face as they become the star of their very own animated adventure.


Witness the joy as your child discovers their Disney Adventure Awaits! Personalized video messages in Store!


Elevate your celebration with customizable themed cake toppers! Add a touch of Magic to your cake!


I’ll customize your Video invitation, Disney trip reveal video or Cake topper and send you the link in less than 12hrs!

Popular Questions

Yes! Send me the translated text you’d like me to use and I’ll build it for you!

Yes! Just send me the youtube link of the song you’d like me to use and let me know when should I start playing!

Yes! Send me all the names and ages and I’ll be sure to add and arrange them!

You can personalize the party details – the text information that comes up on screen. All other visual elements of the video (font style, background, effects, timing etc) remain unchanged. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a unique, custom design to suit your party theme.

All of my video invitations are:
✅1080 x 1920 pixels
✅HD quality
✅Around 15MB

Orders & Delivery

All my invites are sent within 12 hrs!

I’ll send you a google drive link to your email within 12hrs.
With that link you’ll be able to download your invitation!

Tap the Google Drive link.
Open with Google Drive app if prompted.
Tap the download icon (downward arrow) or look for a “Download” option.
Confirm download if prompted.
Find video in your phone’s “Downloads” folder to play.

There are multiple ways:

– Text message (send the google drive link you’ll receive from me)
– Facebook message
– WhatsApp
– Email
– You can upload as a private Youtube video and send your guests the URL link
– or your can upload the video to your party website, Instagram, or Facebook Event page

*Please note I only provide the video.  I cannot offer technical assistance for your phone.  Please ensure your mobile devices is able to receive and send videos BEFORE ordering.

**To enjoy the video in better quality without any internet-related issues, I recommend downloading it to your device first.

cancel & refund

Due to the nature of this product being a digital video invitation, I do not offer cancellations or refunds once the order has been processed.